Batterie Asus A41-X550A + new battery

A faulty laptop battery can give you a bad experience. A malfunctioning battery will affect the performance of your Asus computer, forcing you to buy a new battery. Laptop batteries have a service life of two years, so no matter how good you take care of your laptop, eventually, you will need to replace the battery. You may be wondering what signs to look for to replace your Batterie Asus A41-X550A.  Keep reading this article to know the issues that will prompt you to buy a new battery.

What Shows You Need A New Asus Battery?

Laptop batteries degrade with continued use. Each time you charge your battery, it charges less than the previous time. It is normal for battery capacities to reduce with time making it necessary to buy new a new battery. Here are a few signs to make you invest in a new battery:

1. Unexpected Power Problems

Your laptop may be experiencing occasional glitches which do not signify battery issues. However, if your laptop powers down on you without warning, especially after recently charging it, it could indicate a faulty battery. You could charge it again, but if the issue persists, your battery may be damaged. Although computer crashes are not caused by fault batteries only, sudden power loss should prompt you to find a replacement.

2. Overheating

It is normal for batteries to produce some heat when running. All laptops have fans and heat sinks that dispel the heat and cool down the system. When your battery fails, your laptop will begin overworking, which leads to more heat than the fan cannot cool.

As the fan works overtime to cool your device, it won’t be quiet. If you notice loud noise while using your machine, you should feel its bottom to see if it is too hot. Once you notice your laptop is overheating, unplug it to prevent further damage. You can take it to a professional laptop repair to test your battery.

3. Charge Failure or Slow Charging

If your laptop battery fails to charge when plugged to power, it could be an indication that you need a new one. However, several factors may cause your battery not to charge, so you need to look into them first. If you have plugged the battery into a UPS or a faulty surge protector, it may cause this problem. You may have to eliminate faulty devices and plug the battery directly into the wall.

In addition, you should remove your external battery from your gadget’s bottom and check for dust build-up that may prevent the connection from working. Wipe the dust with a dry cloth and put back the battery. If the battery does not charge, you may have to purchase a new battery. What’s more, if your machine charges slowly, it may be a warning sign. Healthy laptops charge quickly and retain power for longer.


Once you notice these signs, you should find a reliable laptop repair store to assess your laptop and advice on the next move. Meaning, always when you get something that you can not understand regarding your laptop or laptop battery, ensure you consult a professional.


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