Purchasing digital currencies for games has become a familiar concept now. And FUT is no exception. Numerous reliable and affordable sellers in the market can deliver you the required number of coins in a minimal time. Due to the commonness of the process, almost all FUT players know how to buy futcoins. But, there is another purchase available as well.

FUT allows you to buy and sell players in the game. However, some players find the procedure expensive or far too rigid. Here third-party player sellers can help. You can easily purchase FUT players just like FUT coins from various external sources.

Step-By-Step Guide

Note that, like Comfort Trade, the seller requires complete account credentials to transfer players. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a reliable one. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to buy players from a leading seller called FIFACOIN.com

  1. Open the official website of FIFACOIN.com. On the top menu bar, click the Sign in button to log in to your account. If you are using the website for the first time, create an account using Sign Up.
  2. Enter a valid email, password, and first and last name with the captcha verification code; after checking the box and agreeing to the TOS, click Submit. Now go to Sign In and login into your newly created account.
  3. On the menu bar, choose FUT 23 and then click on the FUT 23 players on the drop-down menu. Next, choose your console.
  4. In the adjacent search bar, type the name of the player you want to buy. You can also use the filters above to narrow your research to a specific player.
  5. To select a specific player, click on the plus button next to the Buy Now button. Follow the step for all the players you want to buy to add them to your buying list.
  6. Now click on the shopping cart to revisit the players you have picked. If you feel you don’t need any player, click on the minus button to unlist it. Then click on Confirm.
  7. After the Check Out page opens, choose your preferred payment method.
  8. Type in your contact email and the coupon number. Next, click the checkbox to agree to the privacy policy and terms of service and click checkout.
  9. Now navigate to the Member Center and click on All Orders. Search for your Player Order and click on the green button, Withdraw Players.
  10. On the next page, input your EA account credentials with backup codes and click on Confirm. The Order Delivery table on the page helps you track the withdrawal progress, wait till the bar gets green.
  11. Once the delivery completes, your EA account will have the newly purchased players upon subsequent access.

The Bottom Line

FUT or FIFA coins are an absolute commodity for progressing in the game and enhancing your gaming profile. You can spend the coins to train your players, but sometimes you need a newer look. For that, you can try buying custom players.

The game features in-gaming buying and selling of players as well. However, they may be inaccessible or costly in some instances. Here third-party sources come into the scene.

You can easily buy players from external sources on the internet. The overall process is simple; however, since you supply sellers with complete account credentials, it may also end in scams.


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